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CPE Bombfilt

The C.P.E.® bomb blanket set consist of two pieces. Rectangular blanket that can be closed as a protective barrel around the explosive. Barrel can carry the weight itself and the covering blanket without collapsing. Closure with a wide coverage of Velcro.

Second piece of bomb blanket set is a large flexible covering blanket. Covering blanket is equipped with handles symmetrically positioned on all 4 sides to allow carrying of the blanket from coverage by one person or by multiple people around the blanket.

Bomb blanket set comes in a bag that allows also backpack-like carrying. Barrel and covering blanket covered in durable flame retard Cordura fabric.


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Teknisk information:


Ballistic protection: NIJ 0101.08 level IIIA + Stanag 2920 1,1g FSP v50 >530m/s
Sizes: standing height 50cm, diameter adjustable up to 50cm
Weight: 4,6kg


Ballistic protection: Stanag 2920 1,1g/17gr FSP v50 >470m/s
Sizes: 160cm x 160cm
Weight: 8,55kg

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