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BRUNNIROK products offer the particular advantage that the wearer has a very strong cut-resistant effect while being very light. The innovative textile cut protection material is very thin - and yet offers extremely high protection against cuts and abrasions of the skin. 

This enables us to produce protective clothing that hardly differs in weight from normal leisure clothing. You can easily wear our protective clothing for hours without being burdened or restricted. For this reason, our products are clearly superior to conventional cut-resistant protective clothing in terms of wearing comfort and freedom of movement, and thus offer you real added value. In addition, at Brunnirok you get real premium products that are manufactured in Germany and Europe, carefully selected raw materials, real certifications from EU reference laboratories, and absolutely fair production conditions.

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BRUNNIROK stands for independently certified cut protection. The cut-resistant material of our protective clothing, which is manufactured using a special knitting process, is produced exclusively in Germany. 

In accordance with the test standards DIN EN 388:2003 and DIN EN 388:2017, the material achieves a cut resistance that meets the required cut protection performance, which must be at least achieved for certification at the highest performance level (Level 5). Tested and certified in Germany. In addition, our clothing is EU type-tested according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment (PPE) and CE marked.