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Ballistic goggle



  • Comfort face contact foam
  • High heat resistance TPV frame
  • Indirect ventilation frame
  • Equalizer ventilation technology
  • Available in black, sand and green


  • Wide Adjustable 35 mm non slip strap
  • Non-slip technology
  • Pivot for helmet wearers
  • Quick release system
  • Microfiber pouch around the strap


Artikel NR

  • BOL-X1NSTDI     Goggles Black
  • BOL-X1NRXi       Goggles Black
  • BOL-X1KSTDi     Goggles Oliv
  • BOL-X1SSTDi     Goggles Tan
  • BOL-FAX1STDi    Spare lens Clear
  • BOL-FAX1RXi      Spare lens Clear
  • BOL-FAX1STDJ    Spare lens Yellow
  • BOL-FAX1RXJ      Spare lens Yellow
  • BOL-FAX1STDF    Spare lens Smoke
  • BOL-FAX1RXF      Spare lens Smoke
  • BOL-SOSX1000    Optical insert


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The newest generation of low profile ballistic goggles, the X1000 goggle adapts to your every need. With its choice of interchangeable lenses the X1000 goggle can be adapted for use with or without prescription spectacles. It is perfectly suited for us while wearing a helmet, offering comfort, adaptability and protection.
The X1000 is the ideal goggle for extreme situations.

Ballistic Resistance
STANAG 2920 

Clear lens : V50 220.7 m/s (795km/h)
RX Clear lens : V50 212.5 m/s (766km/h)
Smoke lens : V50 217.2 m/s (782km/h)
RX Smoke lens : V50 216.2 m/s (779km/h)
Yellow lens : V50 : 215.7 m/s (777km/h)
RX Yellow lens : V50 209.6 m/s (755km/h)


Ballistic PC Outer lens: 2,95 mm - anti-scratch
Ballistic PC Inner lens: 1,3 mm - anti-fog

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