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VICTORINOX Midnite Manager Pocket Knife

Small Pocket Knife with LED Light

Great leaders don't let anything stand between their team and success. So when challenges arise, tackle them with help from the Manager pocket knife. It's always ready with its ten functions, which include a bright LED to light the way. So wherever you go, the Manager has your back and you'll always arrive well-prepared and ready to lead.


Teknisk information

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  1. LED
  2. pressurized ballpoint pen
  3. key ring
  4. blade, small
  5. bottle opener
  1. Phillips screwdriver 0 / 1, magnetisch
  2. wire stripper
  3. nail file
  4. screwdriver 2.5 mm
  5. scissors


Net weight 31 g


Scale material ABS / Celidor 
Size 58 mm
Blade size 40 mm
Blade lockable No 
One hand blade No