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V6 is designed for carrying around in tactical training, duty and law enforcement, and with quick plug and release by one-handed control, to shorten the response time in tactical activity for seizing the initiative. It’s for easier application to tighten or loosen the strength of quick plug and release by increasing or decreasing the number of coil turns on the holster, simple and ingenious. V6 also features 360° rotatable and double-open design for realizing hands-free multi-angle lighting when carried at the waist, to satisfy various lighting needs in tactical training, duty and law enforcement ,etc. 

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•Material: Fiberglass
•Fitting Belt Size: ≤ 50
•Applicable Head / Tail Dia.: 27 - 30 mm
•Dimension: 102 mm x 50 mm x 58 mm
•Weight: 0.7 oz / 20 g

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